The Shadow Immortals

“Mors solum initium est”

Set on the desolate planet, Ekon, The Shadow Immortals tells the tale of a lonely boy searching for his mother. He embarks on a journey filled with tragedy, betrayal, and discovery of a new power destined to shape the future of their homeworld.

A remarkable fusion of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure, The Shadow Immortals is set to spark a fresh generation of avid readers of this genre and a lifetime of new stories.

About the Author

He was heavily influenced by his mother to write. Since he was a child, he witnessed his mom try to write a book. But she never got to publish. John Luke continued in her footsteps in publishing his work. And now his debut novel, The Shadow Immortals, his journey is just beginning.




“Fear is the gate that keeps us from finding the Light.”

– The Lady of Digdare Mountain